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Our compensation structure covers all common components including house rent allowance, medical insurance, leave travel allowance and medical reimbursement. In addition we also include performance linked components at various levels. Our compensation programs are extended by a strong rewards and recognition system that awards that rewards qualities integral to our organization - through awards for leadership, quality, customer delight and innovation.
Robust performance appraisal systems support the compensation and rewards programs. The ektha HR team has developed a tool called PerforMAGIC to measure performance of employees, share feedback and reward employees for their contributions. Feedback is not one way, but follows a 360° format, where the employee also shares feedback with the company through:
  • 30 & 100 days feedback from new employees
  • bi-annual employee survey exit interviews
  • opinion polls
  • third party surveys
Employee-friendly programs like the buddy mentor program for new employees and the ektha mentoring program support employees and enable them to imbibe the culture and spirit of the organization while growing as individuals and professionals. The buddy mentor program is an initiative where old timers are assigned as buddies to assist new employees during their first few days at ektha. The mentoring program is designed to provide an appropriate degree of challenge and support - emotional, technical and informational. This program concentrates on personal growth and helps build specific competencies.