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the ektha 4D delivery model
define - To start, we believe it is exceedingly important to understand your business, your position in the market place, your unique selling proposition as well as your sourcing objectives as they relate to your corporate strategy. The conversation then naturally moves on to your specific objectives for the project. This knowledge transfer phase is of vital importance. it is the foundation on which the project will be built.
design - You've given us your objectives. We begin to design a strategy to meet those objectives. We analyze the information gained from the knowledge transfer in the first step and start to take action. Our team huddles together internally and works to define and design innovative solutions that will lead to enhancing your company's position in the marketplace. This is a very exciting part of the process for us because everyone involved has the same vision - an unwavering commitment to your success.
develop - After the solution is completely designed and has clients/users approval we commence the development process. The perimeters and requirements for the solution have been clearly laid out and are ready to be developed. we commence to develop the product or process according to the specifications and requirements of the project or process.
deliver - We come to the final phase of the delivery process. All of the work we have done together is now ready for delivery and to be put to use. We have achieved, together, the solution that meet your sourcing objective and will support your corporate strategy.