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enterprise integration
Today your business is an integral link in a large global value chain that needs to seamlessly integrate with systems within and outside the enterprise. Given the large silos of information that already reside within your organization and the constantly evolving business processes that you encounter, enterprise integration gains significance - enabling your applications to stay flexible and scalable. ektha's enterprise integration practice helps bridge together these disparate silos and build an integrated business organization.
ektha brings to the table vast experience in enterprise integration through pioneering work on SOA based integration and middleware enterprise applications. We use tools, frameworks developed while working with world class clients to accomplish seamless integration of your processes. ektha offers a range of services in the following areas of enterprise integration:
  • consulting - we plan a roadmap for integration, in cognizance of your existing requirements as well as future needs.
  • integration -development , deployment of new solutions to integrate business processes and customization of existing application to enable real time connectivity between all applications
  • architecture & integration solutions - ground up solution designs to address specific client needs
Call us today to bridge the gaps in your enterprise value chain and help you provide value.