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performance testing
Even the best-designed and developed applications can fail to meet customer performance expectations. Gaps in application performance are difficult to identify prior to live operation and are a key reason for revenue loss due to downtime.
ektha's performance testing offering helps your organization identify performance bottlenecks in your applications at an early stage. This enables you to predict behavior of applications under various load and stress conditions and modify them to withstand and operate under varying levels of load. We provide you an accurate picture of your application performance gaps in terms of response times and uptimes. With our performance testing services, we enable you to mitigate the risks of application failure in a live environment.
ektha works with you to:
  • understand in depth the current application architecture
  • understand and create detailed workload models and load scenarios
  • provide detailed report of application's performance under various circumstances
  • recommend remedial course of action in terms of short term and long term steps
ektha enables you to:
  • identify areas of risk during the development stages of an application
  • evaluate applications in terms of their ability to perform under loaded conditions
  • identify performance bottlenecks prior to release into the production environment