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rewards & recognition
People continue to be our most valuable asset, and our performance evaluation and promotion processes serve to recognize individuals for their performance, contribution, commitment, and achievement as they progress in their careers. Our comprehensive performance evaluation process ensures a fair, objective and robust system.

Performance bonuses and salary reviews form part of our monetary recognition systems. These are designed to recognize and reward performance, for exhibiting the right attitude and accomplishing set goals.

The promotion process is absolutely fair and objective since the activity is championed by promotion committees. Committee members consist of employees across the firm who have a reputation for strong management skills and are viewed by their peers as knowledgeable about our business outside of their respective areas.

star award  
  • recognize and appreciate special efforts and outstanding contribution
  • build a culture of recognition and celebration
  • encourage repetition of desired behaviors
  • improve customer focus
service awards (3 & 5 years)  
This is awarded to associates who have completed 3 & 5 years with the firm in appreciation of their service.  
project recognition  
This is awarded to a group of associates who have been a part of a successfully implemented project, to appreciate the team effort across different functions.